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    Why does MCM Agency focus on the insurance needs of the health care industry?

    Our combined experience in the insurance and health care fields tells us that the medical community needs help in buying appropriate coverage. The costs of maintaining a practice, whether large or small, continue to spiral upward and insurance premiums are a major contributing factor. Health care professionals need insurance experts in their corner who understand the special requirements of medical risk management.

    How does MCM determine my malpractice needs?

    We meet with you to discuss the best possible protection for your solo practice, your group, your facility or your hospital. In the light of our in-depth knowledge of the malpractice field, we examine your past history, your current situation and your future growth potential. We then determine what type of coverage you need to fully protect your practice or facility from risk.

    How does MCM choose a carrier?

    Our work includes extensive research on every carrier of medical malpractice insurance available in your region, comparing benefits and costs. After analysis of your current coverage and premiums, we consult with you to weigh the advantages of each underwriter. We then help you select the most cost-effective coverage that will best meet your particular needs. We do the same costcomparison when matching your needs for general liability, employee benefits and workers compensation.

    How does MCM save me money?

    MCM Agency is unique in the malpractice field because of our ability to shop and compare carriers within an extensive geographic area. We track malpractice rates and trends in your region or state, researching any new products or carriers that offer outstanding prices and coverage. Our ability to comparison shop translates into substantial savings for every one of our clients.

    Is there a consulting fee for MCM's services?

    Not usually! MCM Agency is most often compensated by the insurer you choose, not by the client. As an independent broker, we are free to advise, educate and comparison shop for our clients, all at no charge to you. If you went directly to the insurance carrier, you might be quoted the same price, but you would not have MCM's expertise and service to assist and guide you. However when we can produce a better premium where the carrier either pays a reduced or NO commission for our services,  then we charge a service/or consulting fee which allows us to place your insurance for the lowest possible premium.  As licensed consultants and brokers, we can negotiate in your behalf.  This means we may not always be your broker, but we are always there to be your consultant.  This frees up the time for you, your practice manager or HR person while we shop and negotiate with brokers, agents or directly with the insurance companies.  All of this is done to save you the most on ALL your insurance premiums.

    How easily can MCM be reached for questions or claims?

    We are always available through our two offices in Westchester County, one in Somers and one in Chappaqua, each with 24-hour answering service. We pride ourselves on being available and responsive to our clients, making sure that your insurance needs are met promptly and efficiently.

    Does MCM Agency handle other types of insurance?

    Although MCM has made a specialty of medical liability coverage, including malpractice, we realize that many health care professionals have other requirements, such as general business liability coverage, employee benefits, disability and life insurance. Our agents are experienced in these fields as well and can supply a broad range of insurance products to our clients.

    Can we schedule a free consultation?

    MCM Agency would be more than happy to sit down with you and provide a complimentary analysis of what you are paying now, coupled with a look at what you should be paying to secure your future.

    We look forward to the opportunity to show you how our combined 33 years of insurance experience can immediately help you cut the ever-spiraling cost of malpractice, general liability, life and benefits premiums.